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Designed at Kia’s American Design Center in Irvine, California under the direction of Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the new Cerato has cab-forward styling, a coupe-like roofline, distinctive concave door contours and a rising beltline with chrome molding to project an aura of elegance. New ‘dynamic muscularity’ brings emotional appeal to sedan’s styling



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Clear White
Snow White Pearl
Bright Silver
Glittering Metal
Milky Beige
Golden Beat
Temptation Red
Planet Blue
Abyss Blue
Aurora Black
Clear White


Hill Assist Control(HAC) - By maintaining brake grip until you press the accelerator, HAC prevents the vehicle from dangerously rolling backwards when pulling away from a standstill on an incline.

6 air bag SYSTEM - The new Cerato’s airbag system comprises driver and front seat passenger airbags, front side airbags, plus curtain airbags running the length of the interior at each side.

Flex steer - The newly introduced Flex Steer system provides three driving modes (Comfort, Normal, and Sport) that deliver the appropriate level of steering assistance and feedback for different driving conditions.

Rear view camera display - Images relayed via the rear view camera are displayed on the audio system’s LCD. A quick glance confirms your position on the road and your distance from obstructions.


Overall length 4,560
Overall width 1,780
Overall height 1,445
Wheelbase 2,700
Wheel tread (Front) 1,557
Wheel tread (Rear) 1,570
Overhang (Front) 880
Overhang (Rear) 980
Headroom (1st/2nd) 992 / 948
Legroom (1st/2nd) 1,073 / 913
Fuel tank (ℓ) 50


Gamma 1.6 MPI
Gamma 1.6 MPI
  • Max. Power 130 ps @ 6,300 rpm
  • Max. Torque 16.0 kg·m @ 4,850 rpm

Nu 2.0 MPI
Nu 2.0 MPI
  • Max. Power 161 ps @ 6,500 rpm
  • Max. Torque 19.8 kg·m @ 4,800 rpm

Created the stunning high-tech Safety

Front and Rear Parking Assist System
Reassuring Assist System

Front and Rear Parking Assist System

Electronic Stability Control
Dramatically Smoother

Electronic Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Management
Slipperiness on Roads

Vehicle Stability Management


Ventilated Driver’s Seat
Air Blowing Vehicles

Ventilated Driver’s Seat

6 speaker Sound System
In-car entertainment

6 speaker Sound System

Kia Cerato Exterior
Kia Cerato Exterior Add a dose of extraordinary to your life

Add a dose of extraordinary to your life

Perhaps you never thought innovation, technical excellence and exceptional style could all come together in an affordable passenger car. But finally, they do. Let the new Cerato take you places you’ve only imagined.

Kia Cerato Exterior Aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic appeal that makes time stand still

Redefining the very best in automobile design, the new Cerato’s bold, coupé-like proportions and eyecatching lines and curves exude brisk acceleration and effortless fluidity of motion.

Kia Cerato Exterior LED daytime running lights

Radiance from every angle

Advanced lighting systems are just a taste of the many high-tech innovations to be found inside and out of the new Cerato. You’ll enjoy not only stylish sophistication but also greater visibility for added safety and convenience at night.

LED daytime running lights LED daytime running lights ensure added safety by clearly defining your position on the road, while also projecting a sense of authority and style.

Kia Cerato Exterior HID headlamps

HID headlamps

Emitting a distinctive blue hue, projection headlamps light up more of the road with a penetrative, accurate beam.

Kia Cerato Exterior LED rear combination lamps

LED rear combination lamps

LED rear combination lamps not only provide high visibility for drivers approaching from behind, but also add an element of modernity and style with their multi-dimensional design.

Kia Cerato Exterior Fog lamps

Fog lamps

With a unique split-housing design that provides a striking visual effect, the fog lamps are positioned low on the front bumper for better illumination.

Kia Cerato Exterior Smart welcome lighting system

Smart welcome lighting system

An array of exterior and interior lights synchronize with the smart key to light up and welcome you to the car.

Kia Cerato Exterior A perfectly proportioned profile

A perfectly proportioned profile

The new Cerato’s dynamic silhouette is accentuated by a sweeping roof line, shortened front and rear overhangs and distinctive side character line. The result is a sleek yet purposeful side view that stands out from the crowd.

Kia Cerato Exterior Get ready to be inspired

Get ready to be inspired

Distinctive sportiness combines with cutting-edge technology and advanced on-road performance to awaken the senses while opening up your world to new horizons.


Kia Cerato Interior Bring out the driver in you

Bring out the driver in you

The driver-oriented cockpit, featuring an intuitive instrument and switch layout, is the perfect blend of functionality and style. The center fascia is angled toward the driver by 9 degrees, while the distinctive wave-like motif of the dashboard completes the overall look.

Kia Cerato Interior

Enhanced ergonomics for maximum control

The ergonomically-designed driver space provides you with precise, fingertip control, together with class-leading comfort. Taking center stage is a high-tech supervision cluster with 4.2" full-color TFT-LCD that displays a comprehensive range of vehicle information. Meanwhile, a floor console tray with sliding cover lets you store your essentials within easy reach, and a sliding center armrest provides extra comfort on long journeys.

Kia Cerato Interior Supervision cluster The supervision cluster’s intuitive interface lets you access a range of user settings.

Supervision cluster

The supervision cluster’s intuitive interface lets you access a range of user settings.

Kia Cerato Interior 10-way power assisted driver seat

10-way power assisted driver seat

The 10-way power assisted driver seat with lumbar support electronically adjusts so that you can easily find your ideal driving position.

Kia Cerato Interior IMS (Integrated Memory Seat)

IMS (Integrated Memory Seat)

Featuring memory settings for two different drivers, IMS enables each driver to automatically readjust the seat position at the touch of a button.

Kia Cerato Interior Organ-type accelerator pedal

Organ-type accelerator pedal

The organ-type accelerator pedal moves along the same natural plane as your foot for more comfortable operation, especially on extended journeys.

Kia Cerato Interior Smart key with push button start

Smart key with push button start

For added convenience, you can lock or unlock the new Cerato’s doors without taking the key out of your pocket or purse by simply pressing the button on the door handle. Turning the engine ignition on and off is also as easy as pushing a button.

Kia Cerato Interior Spacious sophistication

Spacious sophistication

By lengthening the wheelbase and completely rethinking the use of space, every occupant will enjoy new Cerato’s roomy interior. Soft-touch materials, artificial leather trim and carbon pattern embossing are among the finishing touches that give the entire cabin a high-quality, modern feel.

Kia Cerato Interior Comfortable surroundings - 365 days a year

Comfortable surroundings - 365 days a year

An advanced climate control system means you and your passengers can relax on every journey, all year round. A heated steering wheel and seat warmers provide reassuring comfort on cold days, while automatic air conditioning and an air-ventilated driver’s seat keep you cool when the temperature rises. An auto defog system activates by itself when condensation is detected on the windshield glass, and a cluster ionizer ensures air flowing into the car is clean and odor-free.

Kia Cerato Interior Ventilated driver's seat

Ventilated driver's seat

Air blowing out through the seat cushion and back saves you from the discomfort of becoming hot and sticky during the summertime.